Our Vision

We are a small family business started by the frustration of not finding features that fit our small bathroom.

Our aim is simply to offer the best products that fit small bathrooms and display them in a small bathroom context.
After having read too many bathroom design magazines and blogs we felt that most of them were designed for bigger spaces or very expensive rebuilds.

As inspiring as they are, very few fits the small bathrooms or is possible to do on a budget and that is were small-bathrooms.co.uk will help you. Our aim is to find the best bathroom products that will help your smaller bathroom to feel better without spending thousands of pounds.

The journey has just begun but do come back to follow us via the newsletter or social media that will be launching shortly.

The Web Team

The team behind the build and marketing has more than 15 years experience of the ecommerce industry and has an impressive track record of growing revenues online for both small and large companies. The latest project transformed an international white goods company’s after sales revenue from tens of thousands to a multi million annual turnover.
All this experience is now being focused on the online bathroom market and we are as confident as before that we’ll achieve the same success once again.

If you’d like to learn more, please get in touch.